Return/Refund Policy

We adopt an honor system where, if a product is damaged or defective at reception, you can send us a picture of the damage when visible along with a short explanation of the issue and, if the complaint is deemed legit by our customer service, we will issue a store credit equivalent to the amount of the purchased product, and you will keep the said item. We just ask that a request is made within 15 days of reception of the disputed item.

In the event that we cannot fulfill one or many ordered products for being out-of-stock or for shipment limitations from our part, we will reverse the charge to your account without further ado.

In cases where a product does not match its description, or the motives are arguably equivalent from both the customer and Canmoro staff and/or we cannot determine if a complaint is 100% legit, we will ask the customer to return the product before we release a refund or a store credit. Please be advised that we do not accept Pay-On-Delivery shipping methods and that all return expenses are to be incurred by the customer.